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Add 16 HP to 2010 Ford F-150 5.4L V8 with AEM Cold Air Intake System

The Ford Motor Company was really onto something with the introduction of the first Ford F-Series pickup truck in 1948. The 1948 F-Series truck, also known as the “Bonus-Built”, featured innovative styling cues and cutting-edge optional equipment for its time. The first-generation F-Series was available with options such as a foot-operated windshield washer system as well as an optional passenger-side taillight and sun visor.

AEM Cold Air Intake System for 2010 Ford F-150 5.4L – 41-1101P

Over the past 60 years, the Ford Motor Company has continually improved the F-Series lineup of trucks. As a result of their untiring effort, the Ford F-Series has been America’s best-selling full-size pickup truck for well over 30 years. Now in their 12th generation of the F-Series, the F150 pickup truck offers a variety of engine choices in addition to high-tech optional equipment such as an in-dash computer that connects to entertainment sources for news, traffic and sports updates.

So how can performance enthusiasts make America’s best-selling truck even better? With the addition of AEM’s new Cold Air Intake System for the 2010 Ford F150 with 5.4-liter V8 engine (part number 41-1101P for polished and 41-1101C for Gunmetal Gray).

The first order of business in designing the 41-1101 cold air intake system was to flow test the F150′s factory intake system. Several flow bench studies determined that the OEM equipment was highly restrictive. To rid the F150 of the restrictive factory components and enhance the airflow into the 5.4-liter engine, AEM engineers opted to use a massive 4-inch diameter inlet pipe with a 4×7-inch DRYFLOW air filter. AEM then chose to utilize the latest in Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) technology to optimally tune the inlet pipe. By using an ETI module, AEM was able to place the F150′s mass airflow sensor (MAF) inside of the included powder coated heat shield, which substantially reduced inlet air temperatures. With the inlet tube diameter, air filter size, and MAF location optimized, the AEM ETI module (included) was calibrated to adjust the air density readings. This allowed the intake to provide a smooth flow of dense air needed for horsepower and torque gains while keeping the computer system within its ranges.

AEM estimates a 2010 F150 pickup with a 5.4 liter engine and this intake will gain 16.6 HP at 4,600 RPM. AEM testing shows peak horsepower is also improved significantly with the intake in place. Torque is also improved. See dyno chart for estimated torque gains.

The massive increase in performance is also coupled with outstanding filtration through AEM’s DRYFLOW performance air filter. For the 41-1101P and 41-1101C intake systems, AEM elected to use the 21-2257DK air filter. The 21-2257DK air filter’s construction consists of an flange inside diameter of 4-inches (102mm) and a height of 7-inches (178mm). AEM DRYFLOW air filters are reusable, washable synthetic air filters that have been designed for the optimum combination of airflow, filtration and performance. DRYFLOW filters utilize oil-free filtration media that offers extremely easy cleaning, durability and longevity. Installation is simple with AEM’s fully illustrated installation instructions.

For added filtration, AEM offers Filter Wraps that are manufactured from durable micro-screen materials that are pretreated with a proprietary hydrophobic process. AEM filter wraps repel water splashes and extend the filters service life. For the 41-1101 air intake system, AEM Filter Wraps are available as a separate accessory (Part Number: 1-4007).

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