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Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) is now available at Redline Motive. aFe established itself in 1999 when a group of engineers decided to leave K&N and start a new filtration company that concentrated on over engineering its products to provide maximum gains. From its origination Advanced Flow Engineering put a premium on performance and quality. With advanced engineering and extreme attention to detail prices tend to rise. The aFe brand was not designed to compete with the likes of AEM, K&N, Green, and Air Raid in pricing wars instead aFe touts itself as a product that is better than the competition and expects to command a premium price. The aFe brand fills a void in the filtration market by targeting customers who want the best product and are willing to pay for it. aFe offers filtration for sport compacts, euro models, and trucks. aFe is newly involved in the sport compact market so its line up is not extensive but all of its products make proven power, all hp and tq increases are documented in their catalog. All aFe sport compact / Japanese car products have been loaded into our system and all will be stocked. aFe also has a strong footing in the euro market with a large line up of BMW products, all aFe BMW products have been loaded and all Mini Cooper, 135, & 335 BMW products are being stocked. And finally aFe’s bread and butter is the turbo diesel truck market, these intakes make huge power. Twelve of aFe’s top twenty sellers are turbo diesel intakes, if you’re new to the turbo diesel market this is as good a place as any to start.

aFe offers intake systems and drop in filters for most applications but for some it goes farther with throttle body spacers and / or exhaust systems. Whenever aFe sees a design flaw in an OEM product they take up the torch and design a replacement. aFe offers stage 1 and stage 2 intake systems. Stage 1 intakes generally do not include any intake piping; instead they only replace the OEM filtration box. Stage 1 intakes are for customers would like to increase power without breaking the bank. Stage 2 intakes generally include intake piping and act as a full intake system replacement offering maximum gains. For most intake systems piping kits can be purchased to convert stage 1 systems into stage 2 systems. Stage 2i intakes systems are also available for some applications and they include a fully closed heat shield box to eliminate the increased intake noise associated with full intake systems.

aFe offers two filtration options for most intakes Pro Dry S or Pro 5 R Oiled Filters. Pro Dry S filters are for customers who want a perfect balance between performance, protection, and oil free convenience. Pro 5 R oiled filters offer the highest air flow progressive-media filters available on the market which yield customers’ maximum airflow and maximum performance.

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