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BMW M3 GTS – The Dream is Over


The BMW M3 GTS is a throwback to the days of the M3 CSL and other vehicles that could only be used for one thing: track warfare. Dressed in Sherbert Orange and sporting 19″ Matte Black Wheels, the BMW M3 GTS is a purpose built track car. Front and rear spoilers provide more then adequate downforce, huge six-piston calipers and cross drilled rotors make sure this this stops on a dime sans fade, and a fully adjustable suspension allows this machine to be dialed in for whatever the track demands.

Need more proof that this is a track-only terror? Open the door and check out the gutted interior sporting nothing more then a beautiful roll cage, bucket seats and a fire extinguisher (ok, there’s a little more then the, but not much). All the weight reductions bring this car down to under 3300lbs and power will be supplied by a 4.4L V8 and pushing out around 450HP.

Check out the BMW M3 GTS video above… simply stunning!

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