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GReddy Fest II 2010 – September 5, 2010

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

GReddy Fest has returned for its second installment. This year it will be held at GReddy headquarters in Irvine, CA. Be sure to check out for more information on the event including a car meet, raffle, and the unveiling of the all new GReddy showroom and R&D section!

GReddy Fest II 2010 from GReddy Media on Vimeo.

GReddy cars will also be on display for all to see, including the two 9-second R35 GTRs that still currently hold the record for fastest R35 in the world! So come out and join in on the fun!!

When: Sept 5, 2010
Time: 10a-3p
Where: 9 Vanderbilt, Irvine CA 92618

Stock footage courtesy of RiceboyTV

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Rockstar Scion Drift Team Sponsored by AEM Takes 1st Place at Monroe, Washington

August 15th, 2010 No comments

Tanner Foust and team Rockstar Scion take 1st place at Throwdown in Monroe, Washington

Team Rockstar Scion definitely threw down at Throwdown in Monroe, Washington. Driver Tanner Foust had many “one more time” races and put everything on the line. On their last set of tires, Tanner was able to take an impressive victory for the weekend and put Team Rockstar Scion back on the top of the podium.

“I haven’t seen that level of commitment – and carnage – in a competition in a long time,” said Foust. “That was some of the hardest driving I’ve ever done.” Recently, AEM Intakes was able to ask team owner Stephan Papadakis about their weekend of racing at Monroe and what they’re looking forward to in Las Vegas for After Dark. Here is what Stephan had to say:

How did the rounds go for you over the weekend at Throwdown? Can you describe your races?
Each round was very hard fought. Tanner had 2 “one more times” during the event. There were so many rounds that by the finals we were on our last set of tires. The guys were looking for good used tires to mount in case there was a “one more time” in the finals.

How did the final round go?
Tanner had an OK follow run, then during Tanner’s lead run, Ryan crashed trying to keep up. That crash sealed the deal and gave Tanner the win.

Were you having any challenges with car setup? What contributed to your consistency? Shorter wheelbase?
I feel like we’ve had a competitive car all year, and it was really up to Tanner this weekend. He put it all together.

How did the hot weather affect your driving this weekend? How were the track conditions?
The hot weather sucks while you are sitting and waiting for the start, but once you are on the track it’s all about the round. Track conditions were very good. Lots of grip.

How do you feel about your team’s performance this weekend?
The whole team did an excellent job! Tanner driving, Shawn and Aldo with the car prep and changing the tires each 2 runs, while getting new tires mounted on rims as well. It was a great effort from everyone.

How do you feel about the other teams’ performances this weekend?
There were several teams that had great cars and good drivers. Each year we see the level of perfomance increase. Drifting is such a good sport.

What changes (if any) are you looking to make for After Dark in Vegas?
We will be increasing the cooling capacity of the engine and ventilate the hood more for cooling since it’s supposed to be over 100 degrees. Also, we will be testing a new tire size – a bit larger for more grip, which translates into more speed.

Tanner Foust and team Rockstar Scion are sitting in a great spot as Formula Drift makes a smoky appearance in Las Vegas. The season isn’t getting any easier as the championships are quickly approaching and teams might have to break the bank to top the podium on August 20th and 21st. Drift fans won’t want to miss this After Dark action in Las Vegas!

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Carl Renezeder Notches 89th Career Victory at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Pro-4

June 5th, 2010 No comments

It was Mark Twain that said writing is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration; he may as well have been referring to motorsport racing. Tireless hours spent in the shop are the only surefire path towards flashes of success on the track. Yet, unlike a script – racing is unpredictable – a hero or a villain on a quirk, and sometimes in the same weekend.

And so it was for Carl Renezeder at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for rounds five and six of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. From the weather, to the work, to the results, nothing was predictable or simple. Fortunately for Renezeder, and his crew, there were great results to balance out the not-so-great moments of the weekend. Ultimately though, Renezeder was able to add win number 89 to his record book, doing so in the debut race of the team’s brand new Pro-4 truck.

The first win on Saturday had its dramatic moments – most of which occurred off the track. Renezeder literally drove straight from the pit and onto the track for the pace laps. Then, on the final pace lap, the water temp was already too high, forcing Renezeder to dive into hot pit to make sure nothing obvious was wrong. After getting the go-ahead from his crew, he tagged the back of the field as the green flag flew. In true superhero fashion, Renezeder steadily worked his way through the field, got a few lucky breaks, and when the checkers flew, he was the winner.

And, for all the positive things that happened in the Pro-4 race, there seemed to be an equal and opposite bad thing that happened in the Pro-2 race only moments later. The only positive moment of the race for the team was that it eventually ended.

Sunday’s Pro-4 race looked like it might be a repeat win for Renezeder, until with only three laps to go, the carburetor acted up. On the final lap the truck gave up the ghost in turn three and Renezeder got t-boned. He was able to get the truck to re-fire quickly and actually finished second.

Sunday’s Pro-2 race started bad and ended worse. The truck had the same fuel problem as the Pro-4, but it started on the first lap and never let up. Renezeder didn’t so much race to a seventh place finish – he simply ended up there.

“On Sunday night, there was a sense of relief to have the entire weekend behind us, but there was no denying how much fun I had driving that new truck,” commented Renezeder. “With so many struggles throughout the weekend, it made those great moments even better. The guys have worked so hard on this new truck, and I was so proud to get to race it to its first win in its first race. This is the best truck I’ve ever driven, and I’m already looking forward to the race in Utah in a few weeks.”

“We’re ninety-nine-percent sure we know what caused the overheating issues. However, we won’t take anything for granted. We’ll go through the issue from every angle and make sure we didn’t miss anything and that it doesn’t happen again.”

The one certainty for the Renezeder crew is their AEM air filter. “We’d never change something that works so great,” said Renezeder. “We’re also working with AEM Electronics and have put the gauges and a data acquisition package on this truck.”

“With all the hours the team has put in the last few months, everyone is looking forward to a four-day holiday weekend to recharge our batteries. Our next focus will be preparing for the race at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah in a few weeks. We really need to get the Pro-2 back on the podium, and we’ll keep fine-tuning on the new truck. The to-do list continues to grow.”

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Justin Timberlake In new Audi A1 Ad

May 6th, 2010 No comments

It’s all about the A1, of course. And yet the new, compact Audi A1 stays in the background with elegant restraint. Little wonder, as Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramirez plunge into a suspenseful, mysterious story – through six episodes that can be viewed online. And on the Internet, the lines between reality and fiction are often blurred. Who is this John Frank, played by Justin Timberlake? What has he been involved in? The first clues can be found in episode one, starting today. The suspense rises each Tuesday with another episode, until June 8.

“The Next Big Thing”: Justin Timberlake is John Frank, a straight-laced IT specialist. He meets the mysterious Toni, played by Dania Ramirez. John can save her life. More is revealed in steps – that’s the idea. The tension builds until the finale – the final episode. There’s never a dull moment between episodes on the Internet, either. Interactive elements provide secrets, details and background about each episode: users get to know the characters, see the film from unusual perspectives, and flashbacks fill in the plot.

Swedish director Henrik Sundgren filmed for five days with up to eight cameras – in narrow city streets, a parking deck, in cafés and clubs. Some of the spectacular settings were exclusively for the interactive components. Also playing a part: more than 40 actors, about 100 staff members, the Swedish band Torpedo, and naturally, the A1. If you place all of the episodes end to end, 16 minutes of film were created – excluding the additional virtual scenes.

“The timing for the film was not chosen at random, as you will be able to order the A1 soon”, said Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi Board Member for Marketing and Sales. “The film is action-packed and entertaining, perfectly suited to the young target group of our A1. At the same time the movie provides kind of a virtual test drive: it shows skillful handling, technical refinement and presents the self-assured design of the A1. Leading man Justin Timberlake became an Audi brand ambassador in 2010.”

All episodes will be shown at This is the only place the interactive elements can be accessed. The additional offerings open the door to a world behind the scenes of the movie – and to special chances to win, as numerous contests are also linked with the virtual components.

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Rhys “Mad Skills” Millen Takes 2nd Place in Long Beach for Round One of Formula Drift

April 23rd, 2010 No comments

Taking to the podium at Round One of the 2010 Formula Drift season, the Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe and its pilot, previous FD Champion and reigning Red Bull World Champion, Rhys “Mad Skills” Millen, rounded out the weekend with a second place finish at the Streets of Long Beach. To add to the season opener success, Rhys qualified in first place out of 50 plus drivers, while also managing to throw down the highest qualifying entry speed of the weekend.

This second place feat at Long Beach meant taking out both of the two-time Formula Drift Champions along the way; Sam Hubinette in the Dodge Challenger and Tanner Foust in the Scion tC. Rhys overcame Sam in the top eight, and then moved on to battle it out with Tanner in the final four. Foust finished the event with the third spot atop the podium, after defeating FD newcomer Fredric Aasbo in the consolation round.

Rhys met Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the finals; a driver whom Rhys had run against only twice in the history of Formula Drift, and whom he has proved victorious against both of those times. Unfortunately, this weekend was unlike those previous battles, as Rhys was defeated by Gittin in the finals.

Rhys knew he had fought a good and tough battle all day in Long Beach. “We knew the changes we had made in the off-season to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe were for the better,” says Rhys. “The question you never know until race day is what the competition has been up to during the off-season.”

To keep the RMR Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe in top shape to battle against the toughest competition, the team uses an AEM intake system for their in-house-made engine that produces 650hp and 650lbs torque. “Filtration is key for performance,” says Rhys.

Going into Round Two, Rhys finds himself in second place overall in the fight for the Formula Drift Championship, only 8 points behind Gittin. The key to a successful Formula Drift season according to Rhys will be to “start strong, stay consistent throughout the season, and maintain a consistent and reliable set-up and chassis.”

Formula Drift Round Two takes place May 8-9 at Road Atlanta. “We have won in Atlanta before,” says Rhys. “The goal is to carry the momentum forward and capitalize on a fast great handling and super high drip chassis.”

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