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Runt’s Toyota FJ Cruiser Build Thread

November 11th, 2009 No comments


Runt over on the FJ Cruiser Forums has a build thread on his FJ Cruiser. View the full thread.


From the factory it was a Vodoo Blue, trim class ‘B’ (Canadian thing).

So far the list is:

Expedition One Bumper Expedition One Off-Road Equipment with PIAA 510 & 580 lights
Blacked out rear bumper now
OME Rack with PIAA 540′s on Real Wheels light bar & KC rectangular on sides & back via PIAA Univ. Light Tabs
(rack & light bar has all wires ran through tubes…what a PITA….but worth it )
4X4 mods labelled rocker switches
Toyota Factory Rock Rails
OME heavy lift
05 TRD Gun Metal Grey Alum. 4Runner 16″X8 rims plus OEM 17″ Alum. rims
33X12.50X17 Wild Country RVT (summer) or 255/85/16 Cooper Studded S/T (winter)
Dual Battery System (ala CruiserLarry)
Toyota Ipod gizmo
Titan 12000 lb winch (solenoids mounted under hood)
Dif, Trany &Transfer Scuba Breathers (ala ShadowWarrior) & ‘They’ Scuba sticker (thx ShadowWarrior)
Toyota Receiver Hitch
and many mods that you never tell about
Extra Pix in member gallery.

Below are picks of the rack install. The OEM rack was taken off and all wires were snaked through it by pushing a thin wire through first then tie it to the wires and pulling them through the tubes. What a pain in the ass…..but worth it. The rear & side lights were mounted with “PIAA Universal Light Tabs”.
Pix are below:



Makes for a nice clean install, but be careful with the OEM rack is delicate……don’t ask.
After I installed the lights and ran the wires I had it wired into the wiring harness by a shop….mistake. Luckily they did nothing that was not fixable. I paid a handsome dollar for a good lesson I will never forget & re-did the work.
The switches I choose are the pre-labelled illuminated type. Color coded and arranged to the way my brain works. You can also see the dual battery switch in the bottom left corner. Pix below:


Open switch location will be for the interior winch control switch if you’re wondering.



I decided to set the Large PIAA lights on the bumper & light bar lights to only come on with the high beam. The Small PIAA 510’s, (pointed at the ditch) side & rear lights are your standard type light switch set up (i.e. flip the switch and you have light). This type of work as most know takes a few relays. I opted not for a fuse panel like most, but Hellas built in fuse relays mounted on a panel under the hood. See pix below:


The solenoid of the TITAN 12,000 lb. winch was mounted under the hood to keep it out of the harsh northern elements. The Titan has a nice cordless remote as well as a corded remote so this was a no brainer mod. I highly recommend this winch for the dollar…..its a very good value with excellent service from Roger @ Titan Winches Titan Winches and Offroad recovery equipment ::. The Dirty Parts dual battery mod is also shown. Also a excellent product with great service forn Larry @ Dirty Parts Home. See pix below:


The Scuba mods were done as well…..I opted for remounting the rear dif. Breather tube in the gas cap area with a OEM dif. breather cap on the end of the tube. See pix below:


Transmission and Transfer case breathers are under the hood….zap strapped to the fire wall for now. Again OEM threaded dif. breathers were used. See pix below:


Allot of people ask me about the tires & if I did the body mount chop. My answer is no and the tires are Les Schwab Wild Country RVT 33X12.5X17’s on OEM Alum. Rims. They do not rub on the body mount no matter how stuffed they are. However the Upper Control Arm (UCA) does show slight touching as the dirt has shown to be rubbed off when I wheel it hard with 35 lbs tire pressure. However with 14 lbs air pressure I have no clean spots on the UCA. I sleep at night…….besides I’m saving up for the Walker Evans Bead Lock rims so I know it’s not permanent. In the winter different rims go on with 1.25 ” wheel spacers so there is lots of room for my tire chains. See pix below:




Built my very own security/utility box out of Alum. which has a sleeping platform the folds up and stores under the roll out drawer. Pic’s below. More info can be found here: Rear FJ utility box with built-in sleeping platform



Storage below:


Addition of Fourtrex High Lift Mount then built my home made Axe & Shovel Mounts. Basically a Stock Car Ballest Tube Clamp with a 3/4 bolt and 2″ Quick fist. Cost was about $ 40.00 per set. The cables to lock it all down are 24″ custom made 3/8″ Coated Air Craft Cable. I poped a whole in the axe head with a cutting torch to insert a lock. The High lift, Axe, Shovel and Box locks are keyed alike.




Here is the trailer it pulls around when we disappear into the bush for several weeks:



And my preferred exploring set up:


Most recently I added 4.56 gears which made all the diffrence for towing my camping camping/fishing boat trailer (see above pic’s). For now the only for sure future mods are a crawler box & Staun beadlocks, but still learning/researching . Once I can find a Canadian Toyota dealer that installs the TRD Supercharger I might go that way. I hope all this info helps someone, I know it would of helped me at the start. My Cruiser is built for getting me & my family into camping/fishing spots & recreational well rounded off-roading. If I can help I will. Enjoy it…life’s to short.

View the full thread.

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1998 Honda Civic EK Build Thread – xtoplinex

October 29th, 2009 No comments

We saw this build thread, and we were amazed by the amount of hard work and dedication that xtoplinex had put into his 1998 Honda Civic EK.

This is what the car started off as… painted wheel caps, all black, and tinted windows were the only obvious mods:




xtoplinex did a big revamp of the entire car, changing just about everything on it.


In the picture above, the car has new wheels, new seats, Honda Civic Si gauge cluster and some carbon fiber accessories.


Above: Added Honda S2000 seats into the Civic.


Above: Kicked it up a notch with a Acura RSX Type-S Steering wheel.


After painting it black, xtoplinex decided to paint it Championship White, and we think it turned out just beautiful. You can see in the picture above how awesome his cars looks.


Above: Time for new GAB wheels in 15×6.5. Simply stunning!

Simply beautiful. Check out the full thread here.

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