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Mugen Honda CR-Z Performance Parts

September 29th, 2010 No comments

Mugen is soon releasing Honda CR-Z parts that is going to include everything from coilover kits to stainless steel exhausts.

We’re excited to see what kind of performance Mugen can squeeze out of the Honda CR-Z and will keep this thread updated with information.

Mugen is scheduled to release a coilover kit that is gold colored, a stainless exhaust that has a triangle exhaust tip, carbon fiber high performance air filter and box, sport compound brake pads, and a carbon fiber mirror cover.

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Honda CR-Z Parts from Tanabe – Exhaust and Suspension

September 28th, 2010 No comments

Tanabe is one of the first companies to create Honda CR-Z performance parts and we’ve added them to our catalog.

Honda CR-Z Concept G ExhaustT80155A

Tanabe CONCEPT G is an all new motorsports developed exhaust system that features high power benefits, while maintaining responsible sound levels.

Using the all new ‘continuous strand’ ADVANTEX packing material technology, Tanabe CONCEPT G acheives extremely high levels of exhaust system efficiency, while maintaining a street driveable, extremely clean sound output that is under 93db.

This system requires no removeable silencer for under 93db operation at all rpms, and produces a unique, deep tone and rumble.

The full SUS304 stainless Tanabe CONCEPT G is designed for optimal pipe routing as well as ground clearance. It’s sporty appearance and angle-cut tip is ideal for the sports car & sport compact driver.

Engineered for sports car & sport compact performance.

For price and info: Honda CR-Z Concept G ExhaustT80155A

Honda CR-Z Medalion Touring ExhaustT70155A

A refined level of performance and driveability is available in the Tanabe MEDALION TOURING.

The elegant, well defined appearance of Tanabe MEDALION TOURING is mature, and matches the artistry of a tastefully built, highly tuned machine.

Using the all new ‘continuous strand’ ADVANTEX packing material technology, Tanabe MEDALION TOURING acheives extremely high levels of exhaust system efficiency, while maintaining a street driveable, extremely low frequency and deep tone that is well under 93db for discreet sports driving.

This system requires no removeable silencer for under 93db operation at all rpms. The extremely deep, low frequency tone keeps in-cabin noise to a minimum.

The full SUS304 stainless Tanabe MEDALION TOURING features a slim-line oval canister, and a special dual wall, angle-cut tip.

This premium quality system is for sports driving.

For price and info: Honda CR-Z Medalion Touring ExhaustT70155A

Honda CR-Z NF210 SpringsTNF155

The Tanabe NF210 coil spring features a tasteful drop, and produces the best overall ride quality and comfort for a performance lowering spring. The lowered stance of the Tanabe NF210 gives the car an elegant pose, while the spring rates, which are only slightly raised (up to 5% over stock) retain factory ride quality settings.

This coil spring is extremely popular with luxury tuned vehicles, as well as those with larger diameter wheels that want to eliminate fender gap, but maintain excellent driveability while reducing the risk of damage to wheels that is associated with stiffer suspensions.

Comfort especially important on daily driven vehicles, and their passengers. The Tanabe NF210 provides the best driving experience for all types of roads.

For those who demand the best comfort from a lowering spring.

For price and info: Honda CR-Z NF210 SpringsTNF155

Honda CR-Z Front 4Point Under BraceTUB155F

Often overlooked, especially on vehicles that are reaching higher levels of modification, is the importance of reinforcing the chassis. All vehicles experience flexing of the unibody under various handling loads. Twisting of the chassis is also very common on higher horsepower vehicles.

The Tanabe SUSTEC UNDERBRACE prevents this unwanted behaviour by connecting specific points of the undercarriage to reinforce the chassis. Unique internal double-i-beam construction is highly rigid, and lightweight, so the chassis may be significantly reinforced without adding surplus weight.

Noticeable gains in balance and stability are gained after it’s simple bolt on installation.

For price and info: Honda CR-Z Front 4Point Under BraceTUB155F

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AMS Terra 2011 Honda CR-Z Body Kit

September 22nd, 2010 4 comments

It looks like the Honda CR-Z is getting it’s fair share of modifications pretty quick. Japanese tuner AMS has launched what they call the Honda CR-Z Terra upgrade program which is mainly styling upgrades.

The AMS Honda CR-Z Body Kit comes with a new front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler with diffuser, roof spoiler, rear wing and a new front grill. What a mouth full!

One interesting thing that sets this CRZ body kit apart is that it comes with a new exhaust has that has center tail pipes integrated into the rear bumper diffuser. Check out the picture:

The other features of this CRZ body kit is that it increases the width of the car 15mm in the front and 70mm in the back.

AMS has it’s CRZ sit on 19×8 inch Rays wheels and Toyo MP 2 Sport 215x35E19 tires.

I suspect the CRZ is going to get a lot of body kit and suspension parts available before performance for a while.

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2011 Honda CR-Z Parts and Performance

September 19th, 2010 1 comment

After a few years of rumors, spy shots, and then the final announcement, Honda has finally started shipping the 2011 Honda CR-Z to showrooms. The initial hype is sort of a mixed bag. Many people are extremely eager to buy a new 2011 Honda CR-Z for the simple fact that it’s the first sports hybrid on the market that offers a manual transmission and a starting price of under $20K. Others are interested because they finally get a new Honda that they can play with, modify, and see how far they can push the limits.

Unlike Honda of the past, such as the 1999-2000 Honda Si which had a B16A2 engine, was easy to modify, cheap to fix, and had big power potential, the 2011 Honda CR-Z is a whole new animal. Half of the powertrain of this car is electric and half is a tiny gas engine. As tuners, we now need to figure out this harmony in a whole new way. In the past, all we cared about was making power as reliably as possible. No one cared about gas mileage or emissions. Racers and tuners would remove the catalytic converter as well as other smog equipment to squeeze out as much horsepower as possible, and only worry when it came time to smog the car.

With the 2011 Honda CR-Z, I’m excited to learn what makes this car tick, and what kind of performance we can extract out of it. After an initial test drive, I can tell you that the Honda CRZ doesn’t handle as well as I had hoped, but it’s not bad. With companies such as Spoon and Tein already releasing coilovers or lowering springs, I’m sure the car is going to handle great. My guess is this car is going to have the typical Honda suspension mods available – coilovers, lowering springs, shocks, sway bars, and camber kits. Suspension and handling aside, what about power?

Initially my impression is that the electric engine seems to boost the gas engine and make it almost feel like a small turbo or supercharger. It has a sport mode also which allows more aggressive power delivery. With a Redline of 6500, it’s not typical of most Honda sports coupes. The 2011 Honda CR-Z engine is from the Honda Fit, and is a 1.5L four cylinder. With a total of 124 horsepower and 2568 lbs, the car is relatively slow from the get-go. So what kind of performance modifications can you do to the car? You can do the standard cold air intake, or short ram intake, and then top it off with a catback exhaust. This is going to give you a total of about 10 horsepower extra, which is going to be noticeable, but not much of an overall horsepower improvement. When you dyno the car, you will see the powerband has moved up slightly, so you will have more top end power, and a small loss for low end power.

The best way to increase horsepower on the CR-Z is going to be to either turbo or supecharge it. HKS has released a HKS Honda CRZ Supercharger, but with a small engine, expect gains in the 20-40hp range, and it’ not going to be cheap. We need to learn how to increase the power of the electric engine. There is going to be either hand held programmers, piggy back ECUs, or engine management systems like the AEM EMS that is going to give the most bang for the buck. All in all there should be a lot of good Honda CR-Z Parts to make your car handle good, look good, and perform.

This is the future guys. We’re going to eventually be moving more and more toward electric vehicles, and this is just the start. The technology is here, and we’re in the middle of it. Let’s see what the 2011 Honda CR-Z can do!

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Honda CR-Z Dyno Video – HKS Supercharger

August 12th, 2010 No comments

HKS is teasing us with a video they released of a Honda CR-Z with a HKS supercharger on the dyno. You don’t get to see too much, but the car sounds like a sports bike.

Actually, it looks to me like this video is played in accelerated mode, so that makes the car seem to rev faster and sound like a motorcycle. Why did you do this HKS? Let us awe in the original video, don’t show us something to trick us.

The HKS Supercharger for the Honda CR-Z seems new, as HKS hasn’t announced this before. HKS only announced Honda CR-Z mods such as an ECU upgrade, cold air intake, exhaust and a Hipermax III suspension.

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