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HKS GT II 7460R Turbo Upgrade for Evo 8 & 9

September 15th, 2010 No comments

HKS proudly introduces the GTII 7460R (reverse rotation) turbine; an original HKS designed and in-house manufactured bolt-on, stock replacement turbocharger for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX.

As a true bolt-on upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX, the GTII 7460R is a reverse rotation ball-bearing turbocharger assembly that utilizes the factory exhaust manifold. By creating a twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger, the HKS GTII 7460R offers a straighter exhaust path to the turbine housing inlet increasing boost response while allowing full spool and stable boost pressure throughout the RPM range. Intake and exhaust port sizes have been optimized in size and flow area to allow an increase in air-flow capacity while the ball bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA) improves low-speed boost response. The inconel turbine wheel and heat resistant SUH 22 cast stainless steel turbine housing increases reliability and durability. The HKS GTII 7460R produced 373.4 WHP and 355.6 ft. lbs Torque with the boost set at 1.78 Bar (25.8 PSI) on 93 octane.

Introductory pricing for limited edition packages while supplies last.

Fitment / Product: 2003-05 EVO VIII GTII 7460R Sport Turbo Set A
Part Number: 11004-AM001N
Introductory Kit Includes: GT7460R STK, Includes new step2 cams EVO VIII 274 IN/278 EX Cam Set & Valve Springs*
MSRP: $2150

Fitment / Product: 2006 EVO IX GTII STK Special Set A
Part Number: 11004-AM001K
Introductory Kit Includes: GT7460R STK, Includes cams EVO IX 272 IN/new 278 EX Cam Set & Valve Springs*
MSRP: $2150

Fitment / Product: 03-06 EVO VIII/IX GTII STK Special Set B
Part Number: 11004-AM001E
Introductory Kit Includes: GT7460R STK & EVC VI
MSRP: $2150

*Step2 Camshaft and Valve Spring Set requires the use of EVO VII/Eclipse retainers (not included)

At the same time HKS also released a handful of other items all for the Lancer Evolution. HKS released Evo 8 & 9 cams at a much more attractive price point, a Titanium muffler catback exhaust, and an Evo 8 & 9 fuel upgrade kit to match their new turbocharger offering.

Product: 274 Duration / 10.8mm Lift Intake Camshaft
Fitment: 03-05 Evo 8
Part Number:22002-AM011
MSRP: $295

Product: 278 Duration / 11mm Lift Intake Camshaft
Fitment: 03-06 Evo 8/9
Part Number:22002-AM012
MSRP: $295

Product: 272 duration / 10.8mm lift Intake & 278 duration / 11mm lift Exhaust
Fitment: 2006 Evo 9 (MIVEC)
Part Number:22002-XM002
MSRP: $645

Product: Fuel Upgrade Kit: 4 x 800cc injectors, upgraded fuel pump, extension adapters & connectors
Fitment: 03-06 Evo 8/9
Part Number:14007-AM007
MSRP: $1,095

Product: Titanium muffler & tip with SUS304 piping, Includes O2 sensor plug for EVO IX
Fitment: 03-06 Evo 8/9
Part Number:31701-BM002
MSRP: $1,030

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Eibach Pro Kit for 09-10 Lancer Ralliart Turbo

January 25th, 2010 No comments


Eibach has released a Pro-Kit for the 09-10 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Turbo. These springs will yield a 1.2 inch drop at all four corners and will replace linear springs rates with progressive spring rates that are more aggressive. These are available immediately for the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Turbo

Description: Eibach PRO-KIT-MITSUBISHI LANCER 2.0L 2009-10
Part #: 6050.140

OE rate: 36 N/mm (206 lbs/in)
Pro-Kit rate: Progressive 25-46 N/mm (142-262 lbs/in)
OE wheel center to fender: 323 mm (12.7 in)
Pro-Kit wheel center to fender: 292 mm (11.5 in)
Pro-Kit can be aligned to OE alignment specifications.
Approximate installation time: 1.5 hr

OE rate: 27 N/mm (156 lbs/in)
Pro-Kit rate: Progressive 20-37 N/mm (114-211 lbs/in)
OE wheel center to fender: 314 mm (12.4 in)
Pro-Kit wheel center to fender: 285 mm (11.2 in)
Pro-Kit can be aligned to OE alignment specifications.
Approximate installation time: 1.5 hr

Massive COBB AccessPORT Map Release for EVO X

December 1st, 2009 No comments


COBB Tuning is proud to announce a significant expansion of the COBB AccessPORT Map Database for the USDM Mitsubishi EVO X. Efforts for this expansion have been underway for some time and everyone at COBB Tuning is excited to see these maps made available for tuning enthusiasts. EVO X owners now have over 120 maps to choose from to meet the needs of their specific modifications!

The first major expansion is the availability of maps designed for use with Deatschwerks 800cc fuel injectors. Every previous Stage2 map is now also available with appropriate calibrations for DW800cc injectors across multiple pump fuel grades. That’s 36 additional maps for DW800cc injectors alone. These maps make great starting points for tuning big power with large turbo upgrades.

Since the addition of DW800cc injectors opened the door to higher fuel flow, COBB Tuning went ahead and created new E85 maps for every previous Stage2 map as well. 12 additional DW800cc + E85 maps are now available for download. The combination the DW800cc gasoline maps and E85 maps allows for easy transition between fuel types just by switching maps with the AccessPORT. Take advantage of the additional power available from E85 when it’s readily available, and switch back to a safe fossil fuel map when it’s not. Please note that the stock fuel pump is not adequate to deliver the required volume for E85 fuel.

Furthermore, all maps have been upreved to take advantage of the Torque Monitor Defeat feature in the new software. The ECU logic that checks to see if torque and airflow are within targets has been defeated on all maps. This will prevent DTC’s and limp modes from occurring when measured values are outside of table targets.

All 120+ maps are currently available for download in the COBB AccessPORT Map Database for the EVO X.

COBB Tuning is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive solutions for tuning enthusiasts. The COBB AccessPORT is the most powerful and easy to use hand held tuner in the world. Plug in and access the potential of your high performance import today!

Turbo XS Evo X & 08+ WRX Sedan Cat-Back Exhaust

September 17th, 2009 No comments

The end all of 2008+ WRX Sedan Exhaust is here! It was designed with the smooth lines of the new chassis. The result is a clean look adding a level of sophistication but while offering the sound that does not sway far from the boxers World Rally heritage. In true Turbo XS fashion it is made from T304 Stainless Steel, 3 inch piping diameter all the way out to a mirror polished 3.5 slash cut tip. The addition of 6-10 whp in Catback form makes it a great bang for buck. If used with the TXS Downpipe and Catpipe you are looking at a minimum of 30whp gain.

Product: 08-09+ WRX Sedan Cat-back Exhaust
Part #: txsW08S-CBE
MSRP: $699


Evolution X! This exhaust is the next generation just like the Evo X is to the Evo IX . To achieve their objective Turbo XS did not sacrifice on the 3 most important things; Sound, Looks and Power. This means being able to keep exhaust note tolerable and exhaust gas velocity high. The result is true High Performance Stainless Steel 3 inch exhaust system that is polished to a show quality from the flange to our muffler which has been complimented with blue heat treated tips. Expect 6-10 whp from the catback and 30-40 whp with full turboback.

Product: 08-09 Evo X Cat-back Exhaust
Part #: txsEVOX-CBE
MSRP: $699

Available September 30th, 2009

K&N Intake for Evo X adds 21 Horsepower!

August 31st, 2009 No comments

The K&N High-Flow Intake System for the 2008-09 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 2.0L Turbo, (part no. 69-6546TWR) increases horsepower by 21.42 hp at 6100 rpm over the stock intake configuration.

To achieve such a performance increase, K&N replaces the original intake assembly; including the air box, air filter and intake tube with an all-new intake design. The new system draws air through a K&N High-Flow Air Filter that increases airflow and never needs to be replaced. Protecting the carbon fiber top cone-shaped air filter, and isolating it from engine heat, is a powder coated heat shield that replaces the stock air box, which retains the use of the factory fresh air scoop. As it passes the filter, air travels through a K&N mandrel bent aluminum tube that is formed and shaped, in the design phase, to drive a more laminar flow of air to the car’s engine. Additional features include a powder coated aluminum upper intercooler tube replacing the stock piece for improved air delivery and an attractive wrinkle-red powder coated finish to enhance the Evo X’s engine bay.

Discuss the K&N Air Intake for the EVO in our forums

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