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COBB AccessPORT ProTuner EFI Logics makes big power with the 2010 Subaru Legacy GT

March 9th, 2010 No comments

While the COBB AccessPORT for the 2010 Legacy GT has not been fully released, a select group of ProTuners are making good progress with the BETA version of ProTuner software for this vehicle. The 2010 Legacy marks a complete departure from the turbo system we have known grown to love and trust on turbocharged Subarus of the past. Instead of locating the turbo above and behind the engine, the new Legacy has its turbo slung under the engine. In addition, this vehicle sports an all-new ECU. BETA testing is well underway and ProTuner EFI Logics was able to test the new software on a willing customer’s car with some very impressive results.

While peak hp increased 9hp to 223hp, MASSIVE gains of up to 60hp in the midrange really brought the car to life. This was due to huge torque gains of up to 90ft-lbs, bringing peak torque to 304ft-lbs from the stock 214ft-lbs. Looking at the graph, it’s plain to see that these gains extend throughout the entire rev range! Note that this is on a bone stock 2010 Legacy GT. No intake, exhaust, fuel grade change or anything was added to the stock car. These impressive gains are simply from remapping the ECU with a proper AccessPORT calibration.

This indicates a smaller turbo than what is currently available on the STI and WRX. With exhaust and intake modifications, power output could be increased by another 25-35hp with even more torque. With the Legacy growing from smallish sport sedan to a much larger tourer, the added power will be welcome. In addition to the AccessPORT, look for other parts coming online for this vehicle in the near future as well.

*both runs were made in 3rd gear

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Nissan GT-R Record Breaking Power with COBB AccessPORT

November 16th, 2009 No comments


GOTO:Racing’s GT-R represents the very edge of development for this particular platform. There are perhaps a handful of fully race-prepared GT-Rs in the world. Of course, because this vehicle is not a factory effort, the progress on the GOTO GT-R is a direct reflection of the aftermarket industry that supports the GT-R. GOTO:Racing and the Lock family have prepared a state of the art chassis. However, at a comparatively heavy 3,400 pounds, this race car needs serious power to be competitive.


The GOTO:Racing GT-R is equipped with the COBB Tuning AccessPORT and custom mapping from a collaboration of Tim Bailey from COBB Tuning Surgeline, Portland, OR and Jon Drenas of HB Speed, Hunington Beach, CA. This form of engine management was a natural choice with the stock turbo chargers and just over 520whp, but some suggested with the recent addition of larger turbos from AMS and fuel injectors from Deatschwerks, that a standalone engine management system was needed. We are pleased to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that the COBB Tuning AccessPORT, with supporting modifications and competent tuning, is capable of coordinating extremely high horsepower.

Vehicle – 2010 Nissan GTR – race prepared by GOTO Racing/Brian Lock Racing
Engine – stock GT-R
Turbo – AMS stock location turbo upgrade
Injectors – Deatschwerks (800cc)
Fuel – 100 octane unleaded
Exhaust– fully catless 3”
Intake – Custom Harman Motive 3.1” ID intake with stock MAF sensors

Technical Tuning details
The key to tuning this car is the addition of the larger inner diameter intakes, kindly supplied by Harman Motive. The stock intake inner diameter is just 2.5-inches. This substantive increase in intake cross sectional area means that we can accurately measure up to 40% more airflow than is possible with the stock intake system. As you can see from the graph below, we were able to flow close to the limits of the MAF sensor without saturating their 5-Volt limit.

Because we were able to accurately meter airflow throughout the full RPM and boost range, the tuned stock ECU can easily control ignition timing and fueling. We have supplied relevant information for the rest of the tuning parameters in the additional graphs.



GReddy Profec B Spec II in a Turbo Mustang Cobra

October 5th, 2009 No comments

nardo99 in the Ford Mustang Forums posted a question asking how to set his GReddy Profec B Boost controller in his turbo Mustang Cobra.

Check out the full thread for more information: GReddy Profec B Spec II in a Turbo Mustang Cobra


Check out the full thread for more information: GReddy Profec B Spec II in a Turbo Mustang Cobra

AEM Mitsubishi Version 2 EMS systems released

September 21st, 2009 No comments

AEM Performance Electronics is pleased to introduce its Series 2 Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management System for 1st and 2nd gen Eclipse/Eagle/Galant, 3000GT, Evo 8, and Evo 9 race cars (part #’s 30-6300, 30-6310, 30-6311, 30-6312 and 30-6320). The Series 2 EMS for Mitsubishis, which replaces AEM’s first generation EMS, represents a complete hardware redesign with greatly enhanced features, including a USB data port, 1MB of internal data logging, up to 6 peak and hold injector drivers, and up to 6 coil outputs. In addition, all Series 2 EMS systems come loaded with the company’s new AEMTUNER software, a completely new user interface software which replaces AEMPRO. AEMTUNER is only available on Series 2 systems.

“At AEM Performance Electronics we strive to continually evolve and improve our products”, stated Director of Product Development John Romero. “The Series 2 EMS represents significant improvements over our first generation systems in the areas of both hardware and software. If you liked the first EMS, you’ll love Series 2 and AEMTUNER”.


AEM’s new AEMTUNER software is a complete software redesign and replaces AEMPRO. It includes many new features including a context sensitive tuning support system which significantly increases ease of tuning even for tuners who have never used AEM software. Visit for more details and overview videos.


All popular EMS applications will be converted to Series 2 over the coming months. Visit for an up to date list of releases.

-Plugs directly into the factory harness. No rewiring necessary.
-Maps can be password protected by the tuner.
-Tune using new USB communication port or serial port.
-Compact enclosure for convenient mounting.
-1MB of internal data logging.
-6 coil outputs.
-Includes start up calibrations.
-Works with all AEM gauges.

-Support pane gives tuners context sensitive help and uses tuners’ actual calibrations to describe each function.
-Internal conflict detection notifies tuner of obvious errors in inputs/outputs.
-Compare Calibrations allows tuners to graphically compare tables and maps.
-Workspaces are easily customizable and configurable.
-Colored tables and maps.
-Auto-Conversion feature allows tuners to easily convert maps from Series 1 to Series 2 EMSs

Visit for more details and overview videos.

Available September 30th, 2009

AEM Recirculation Style Water / Meth Pump, K-Type Thermocouple, & Brass Pressure Sensors

August 31st, 2009 No comments

Recirculation-Style Water/Methanol Injection Pumps

AEM Performance Electronics announces the release of a running upgrade to their Water/Methanol Injection Kits. This new recirculation-style pump offers more consistent flow at higher line pressures across its entire delivery curve to ensure maximum atomization for increase air charge cooling and combustion control/efficiency on forced induction gas and diesel engines. This new pump design now comes standard in every AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit or can be purchased as a separate upgrade for existing systems. AEM’s recirculation-style pump offers improved performance, reliability and a much smoother, quieter operation when compared to older switched-style pumps. With the use of a new internal bypass design, AEM’s upgraded pump eliminates the erratic on and off switching/pulsing and ensures consistent fluid delivery for optimum performance. With durability and reliability in mind, AEM has designed the pump with a Santoprene diaphragm and EPDM seals to withstand the harshest of alcohol mixes. View the old / new pump comparison video above

AEM Brass Sensor Kits

AEM Performance Electronics has expanded its line of pressure sensors to include a line of high quality brass pressure sensors at an affordable price. Each sensor kit includes a brass pressure sensor and standard 3-pin weatherproof flying lead connector. All sensor connections are 1/8” NPT. These new sensor offer a lower price alternative to the AEM Stainless Steel pressure sensors (30-2130). These new brass sensors are a less expensive alternative for the budget minded crowd. AEM would still recommend their stainless steel sensors for anyone with a higher-end build or race car that requires that level of accuracy and durability.

K-Type Thermocouple & Wiring Extension Kit

AEM Performance Electronics introduces a new rugged K-Type thermocouple at an affordable price. The K-Type thermocouples have a 12” flying lead with standard ring terminals for easy connection. A stainless steel compression mount is also included with each thermocouple. The thermocouple extension kit includes 10’ of thermocouple wire terminated with standard ring terminal connections at one end for easy connection to the K-Type thermocouple. The other end is terminated with the AEM Electronics 3-pin sensor connector for easy connection to a wide variety of AEM Performance Electronics products.

Part #: 30-3013
Product: AEM 6-Amp (72 watt) Pump for One-Gallon Kit
Price: $137.55

Part #: 30-3014
Product: AEM 12-Amp (144 watt) HD Pump for Five-Gallon Kit
Price: $179.77

Part #: 30-2065
Product: AEM K-Type Thermocouple Kit 0-1800F
Price: $46.98

Part #: 30-2066
Product: AEM K-Type Thermocouple Wiring Extension Kit 10ft
Price: $20.94
Availability: September

Part #: 30-2131-15
Product: AEM 1 BAR or 15PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead.
Price: $64.99
Availability: October

Part #: 30-2131-30
Product: AEM 2 BAR or 30PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead.
Price: $64.99

Part #: 30-2131-50
Product: AEM 3.5 BAR or 50PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead.
Price: $64.99

Part #: 30-2131-75
Product: AEM 5 BAR or 75PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead.
Price: $64.99
Availability: October

Part #: 30-2131-100
Product: AEM 6.5 BAR or 100PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead.
Price: $64.99
Availability: September

Part #: 30-2131-150
Product: AEM 10 BAR or 150PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead.
Price: $64.99
Availability: October

Above we have a video of the new Water/Methanol Injection Kit – New Recirculation-Style Pump

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