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COBB AccessPort Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift BETA now available for 2008+ STI and 2010 WRX

The Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift BETA is now available on all 2008-2010 Subaru STIs and the 2010 WRX*. This feature is currently available only with LC/FFS enabled OTS maps for the specific models mentioned.

Use at your own risk!

All Subaru AccessPORT part number AP-SUB-003 can enable Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting by updating to the latest BETA firmware and downloading a LC/FFS-enabled map. All current v1.04 2008-2010 STI maps and v1.02 2010 WRX maps are LC/FFS enabled. LC/FFS is currently not an editable option in AccessTUNER Race but can be altered by ProTuners in AccessTUNER Pro.

Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift instructions:

  1. Reflash the ECU with a FFS/LC enabled map. All v1.04 maps for 2008, 2009, 2010 STI and 2010 WRX comes with LC/FFS.
  2. Allow the car to warm up to normal operating temperature, then go into the “Tune Adjustments” menu option on the AccessPORT.
  3. Choose the Launch Control or FFS option and set the values appropriately.

AccessTUNER Race software:

The ability to adjust LC/FFS in AccessTUNER software is currently under closed beta testing. Please contact your ProTuner if you’d like LC/FFS enabled on your ProTuned map. This feature will be available in AccessTUNER Race once beta testing is completed.

*Other models will be available with launch control following closed-group testing.

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