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COBB AccessPORT ProTuner EFI Logics makes big power with the 2010 Subaru Legacy GT

While the COBB AccessPORT for the 2010 Legacy GT has not been fully released, a select group of ProTuners are making good progress with the BETA version of ProTuner software for this vehicle. The 2010 Legacy marks a complete departure from the turbo system we have known grown to love and trust on turbocharged Subarus of the past. Instead of locating the turbo above and behind the engine, the new Legacy has its turbo slung under the engine. In addition, this vehicle sports an all-new ECU. BETA testing is well underway and ProTuner EFI Logics was able to test the new software on a willing customer’s car with some very impressive results.

While peak hp increased 9hp to 223hp, MASSIVE gains of up to 60hp in the midrange really brought the car to life. This was due to huge torque gains of up to 90ft-lbs, bringing peak torque to 304ft-lbs from the stock 214ft-lbs. Looking at the graph, it’s plain to see that these gains extend throughout the entire rev range! Note that this is on a bone stock 2010 Legacy GT. No intake, exhaust, fuel grade change or anything was added to the stock car. These impressive gains are simply from remapping the ECU with a proper AccessPORT calibration.

This indicates a smaller turbo than what is currently available on the STI and WRX. With exhaust and intake modifications, power output could be increased by another 25-35hp with even more torque. With the Legacy growing from smallish sport sedan to a much larger tourer, the added power will be welcome. In addition to the AccessPORT, look for other parts coming online for this vehicle in the near future as well.

*both runs were made in 3rd gear

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