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Dodge Ram Hybrid – “Truckers Don’t Want To Buy Hybrids”

It’s been rumored that Dodge was going to release a Dodge Ram Hybrid to compete with the Chevy Hybrid Trucks, that in our opinion made absolutely no sense. Well, just recently Dodge Ram Trucks CEO Fred Diaz made it clear that there was going to be no Dodge Ram Hybrid when he said, “Truckers don’t want to buy hybrids.”

We agree.

It’s not that truckers don’t care about fuel economy or the environment, but at this point in time the hybrid technology available for trucks and the fuel economy savings compared to the actual cost of the hybrid system just doesn’t make sense. However, now that Fiat owns Chrysler, there are suggestions from Fred Diaz that technology Fiat has will make it’s way over to the Dodge Ram such as light duty diesel and Multiair.

If Chevy’s failure with the hybrid truck and hybrid SUV market was any indication, this step by Dodge is a good one, and we suspect Ford is going to follow.

So unless if there is going to be a truck that is offered as a hybrid that offers substantial fuel economy savings, substantially less emissions, and a good price point, I just don’t see this market taking off.

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