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Free Spark Plugs!

Yes, you heard – um, read – correctly! We’ve overstocked on spark plugs and decided that instead of discounting them, we’ll thank all of our loyal customers by offering everyone a free set of spark plugs! But… there’s a small catch :) You need to have an existing blog with at least 10 blog posts or be able to make a youtube video.

We have a limited supply of overstock, and we will post here when the supply has run out. Once the supply is gone, we’re done!

To claim a free set of spark plugs, please follow these instructions:

1) Go to our replacement parts catalog.
2) Select your year/make/model.
3) Click on “Engine Electrical”
4) Click on “Spark Plug” on the right.
5) Pick a spark plug that we have enough in stock to satisfy your needs. If you need 4 plugs, make sure one of the part numbers has at least 4 available in stock.
6) Pick a spark plug that is in stock, and is under $5.00 each (c’mon guys, we have to draw the line somewhere! :)
7) Write down the part number, brand and quantity (no more than 8).

OK, now that you have the part number you want from the instructions above, we ask that you spread the word about us.

You can either:

1) Create a YouTube video about our site (with a link to our site)
2) Write a blog post about our site (with a link to our site)

Once you do this, send us an email to sales at redlinemotive .com and give us:

1) Your full name
2) Your full address (Where to ship the spark plugs to)
3) The part number, brand and quantity
4) A link showing your video, or blog post.

Once we verify this, we’ll ship you a free set of spark plugs!


1) Must be in the US (lower 48 states only)
2) One entry per person
3) No more than 8 spark plugs
4) No more than $5 per plug
5) We can refuse entry if we deem the entry has been done in spam way
6) We can end this free giveaway at any time.

Sorry for all the rules guys, but we figure that if we’re going to spend money shipping these spark plugs, and giving them away for free, you can help spread the word about Redline Motive!

Thanks and enjoy!! Staff

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