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Geiger Ford GT HP790


I’ve always told myself, and everyone here at Redline Motive that super cars such as the Ford GT should not go unnoticed. These super cars are designed for speed, performance and all of the joys of driving, as well as one key ingredient – being noticed. What better way to be noticed than to paint your super car a “look at me” lime-green? That’s just what Geiger, a German tuner, did with this Ford GT. However, the flashy looks are backed up with a supercharger that makes the 5.4L V8 produce 790 horsepower and 637 torque. Top speed is said to be around 223mph, and we’ll take their word for it.


The interior looks nice and relatively stock. I don’t recall seeing these seats before in the Ford GT… makes me wonder if they are stock or Geiger upgrades. Either way, I love the 9 holes they have for vents… must be for those times you’re going 223mph top speed, and need to let out some steam.


Above you can see the 5.4L Ford that has a new larger supercharger to force air into the combustion chambers to create the insane 790 horsepower. We still say Geiger should have ditched the supercharger all together and done with a nice twin turbo setup to push 1000 horsepower. Looking in this engine bay though, doesn’t look like twin turbo would be an easy fit, but there are companies out there that do have twin turbo kits for the Ford GT and that is our favorite kind of Ford GT.


The business end of the Geiger Ford GT. This is the end most people will see of this car. We still wish Ford would create a supercar that competes with the Corvette Z06 for about the same price. The Mustang doesn’t close the deal, and the Ford GT is out of the price range. But the Ford GT is still much more exotic and a Ford fanatics dream car. And we love it too.

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