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New Honda Civic AccessPORT Maps Eliminate Rev-Hang


COBB Tuning has released an update that completely eliminates the rev-hang issues that the Honda Civic Si exhibits. Rev-hang presents itself during gearshift events. When the clutch is depressed and the throttle is closed, drivers can see that the engine rpm stays constant for a period of time, not dropping even though the driver has completely lifted off the throttle pedal. This is how Honda tuned the 2006-2009 Civic Si and is considered normal behavior from the factory.

This AccessPORT update completely eliminates this rev-hang phenomenon. Engine RPM drops immediately when the clutch is depressed and throttle is closed. The vehicle responds much more like it has a cable controlled throttle plate.

If you are running a customized map, you can convert your map to eliminate rev-hang using the Honda Map Conversion Tool. Instructions and conversion tool download links can be found on the Honda Map Conversion Tool Page. Follow the instructions listed on the page.

Other AccessPORT development efforts are progressing well. We are continuing to work hard to bring the best tuning solution available for Honda tuning enthusiasts.

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  1. George Saxton
    December 5th, 2010 at 14:27 | #1

    I am experiencing the same rev-hang with my 2010 Si Coupe.
    Will the AccessPORT work with my car, or do I have a different problem?

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