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Rumor: Honda CR-Z Turbo Could Arrive Next Year?

We don’t have much information at this time, but rumor around the web is that Honda will release a Turbo CRZ at the end of 2011. There are to be two trims… one offering 160 horsepower and one offering around 200 horsepower. My guess is the 200 horsepower might be the Honda CRZ Si Turbo. Should be a fun car with a turbocharged VTEC engine.

We at Redline Motive can only hope this is true as we’d love to get our hands on a factory Honda CRZ Turbo to play around with. It’ll make the CRZ much easier to modify and will give the car much more potential. Don’t let this just be a rumor Honda! Make the CRZ Turbo a reality!

Sure there are turbo kits such as the Top Secret kit coming out… but it still relies on the base engine which is not made for turbo… the benefit of a turbo CRZ from the factory is that the engine will be supported and built for boost. Nothing like a CRZ turbo out of the box!

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