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2011 Chevy Camaro AEM Cold Air Intakes

January 11th, 2011 No comments

In September of 1966, with a listed base-price of $2,466, the 1967 Camaro was born, as was its sister on the “F-Body” platform, the Pontiac Firebird. Although the standards of the time dictated it was a compact car, it was also classified as an intermediate touring car and a sports car. The Camaro’s primary design mission though, regardless of how you label it, was to be the yin to Ford Mustang’s yang – two muscle cars flexing in the same pony car division.

After four generations of the Camaro helping to define the look and sound of the ensuing decades, production abruptly ended in 2002. Then, in March of 2009, the nameplate was revived on a concept car that evolved into the fifth generation Camaro. And now, with the dawning of 2011, the Camaro has returned with its full Transformers Bumblebee induced glory.

The SS model for example is powered by the LS3 6.2-liter V8 engine and it has a six-speed manual transmission which produces a factory claimed 426 horsepower. The automatic transmission equipped Camaro SS is fitted with the L99 V8 engine producing 400 horsepower. To counter the engine’s get-go Chevrolet opted to outfit the SS with four-piston Brembo brakes, along with the StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System with Traction Control. Unquestionably, this is a car designed with the sports car aficionado in mind.

The V6 model features a direct-injected, DOHC engine that pushes an impressive 304 ponies and also comes with a choice of 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions. How far has the fifth generation technology come? The new V6 Camaro can clearly out-gun many older V8 models, both at the drag strip and at your local road course. As depicted in the two hit movies, these Camaros are monsters – good monsters as it were though.

With that much power coming straight from the factory, the challenge to create an air intake that would beat the competition and OEM specs wasn’t easy, yet AEM’s engineering department managed to get it done. After months of testing a total of nine different designs with 24 variables, using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, in-vehicle fuel-trim tests, under hood thermal analysis, and over 180 dyno pulls on six different vehicles – they finally designed a winner with impressive mid-to-high range power increase.

There are in fact three new AEM Cold Air Intake Systems available for the 2011 Camaro. For the V6 model there is the gunmetal gray finish intake (21-8028DC) and another available with a polished finish (21-8028DP). Specially engineered for the SS 6.2 liter V8 model there is also a gunmetal gray finish intake (21-8029C).

All three AEM Cold Air Intake Systems for the Camaro use an oil-free DryFlow air filter technology which is extremely durable and easy to clean. To further augment the filtration properties of the DryFlow performance air filter, AEM also offers DryFlow Pre-Filters, designed to prevent splashes of water and/or mud from saturating the DryFlow air filter. AEM’s Pre-Filters are manufactured from durable micro-screen materials that are pretreated with a proprietary hydrophobic process.

The more important development though is that all three intake systems provide around 16 horsepower of added peak power. In testing the factory form Camaro V8 generated a peak of 318.67 horsepower at the rear wheels. With the AEM cold intake system in place the peak power output jumped up to 325.98 horsepower – a maximum gain of 16.53 horsepower at 4,200 RPM.

Testing of AEM intakes for the V6 engine revealed a maximum power gain of 16.39 horsepower at 5350 RPM and 17.57 ft-lbs of torque at 2600RPM at the rear wheels. Any way you slice it that’s a lot of pop for a relatively simple bolt-on installation.

Generations of car enthusiasts, hot-rodders and motor-heads began jonesing almost immediately when Chevrolet announced it was discontinuing Camaro production. Rejoice and jones no more, the Camaro is back, and it’s badder than ever. Add an AEM Cold Air Intake System and this fifth generation 2011 Camaro will deliver an irrepressible tear of joy.

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Gardella Racing Slides Into 3rd Place to Finish the 2010 Formula DRIFT Season

October 28th, 2010 No comments

The 2010 Formula DRIFT season was one for the record books. Teams were sporting new cars with bigger and more powerful motors which only intensified the competition and excitement at every event. Fans were treated to big tire smoke and screaming full throttle action at each of the 7 stops throughout the season.

The season started off a little slow for Gardella Racing and their AEM Sponsored Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice driven by Ryan Tuerck, but they rallied about half way through the season and charged hard with two 2nd place finishes along the way to finish in 3rd place overall, taking the podium spot from Daijiro Yoshihara by just 1 point.

AEM Induction Systems recently had the opportunity to asked team owner Gary Gardella about their 2010 season and what may be coming down the pipe for 2011. Here’s what Gary had to say.

What were some of the major challenges your team faced for the 2010 season?
To start the season off, we were running our Ecotec 4 cylinder that produced a ton of HP, but just did not have the torque curve that was needed to keep up with some of the big shots in the Formula Drift series. So, starting the season off we knew we were at a disadvantage. Fortunately, we were able to turn this around for the second half of the season once we dropped in an LS7.

How do you feel about your team’s performance over the 2010 season?
I think it was phenomenal! I have always raced to win and this season was a major learning curve as I continue to adjust to a judged sport. As the season went on, I realized that I had to relax, begin to understand the sport as a whole, and not put so much pressure on myself and the team.

What was the highlight of the season for you?
The highlight of my season was in Evergreen Speedway when we finished 2nd to Tanner. It was not because we finished on the podium, but because the guests we had at the event had so much fun. They were on their feet the entire event rooting on Ryan Tuerck and the Mobil 1 Solstice.

What was the lowpoint of the season?
Not winning an event.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from the 2010 season?
Like I mentioned above, that winning is not everything. Throughout my entire racing career, I have raced to win. In drag racing you are able to make upgrades and modifications to the car and win. In drifting you are judged and the equipment you are using is only part of the equation. I have never lost so much in my entire career, yet this has been one of my most successful years in racing for many other reasons.

Are there any changes you’re planning to make for the 2011 season that you can share?
You will see many major changes in our program for 2011. To start, we are focused on building new competition cars during the off-season. There will be a second driver in our Solstice for a few select FD events. The team is also planning an international tour in the 2nd half of 2011.

Gardella Racing is definitely hitting their stride and looks to be one of the strongest contenders for the top of the podium in the upcoming 2011 season. They’ve learned so much from the 2010 season and it’s only going to help make next year that much better.

2010 Chevy Camaro V6 Gets 16 Horsepower Gain with AEM Cold Air Intake

October 25th, 2010 No comments

Nowadays, V6 muscle cars mean business, and the new 2010 V6 Chevy Camaro is no exception. With its direct-injected, DOHC 304HP V6 engine, a choice of 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions, and a sporty independent rear suspension, the new V6 Camaro can out-gun many older V8 models both at the drag strip and at your local road course. With that much power and value straight from the factory, the challenge to create an air intake that would beat the competition would not be easy.

After several months of testing four different prototypes with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, in-vehicle fuel-trim tests, under hood thermal analysis, and vehicle dyno tests, AEM Induction’s engineers were still not satisfied with the results. While testing a 5th prototype they found it had no advantage over competitor designs. Our conclusion at that point was simple: Compromise is not an option. It was back to the drawing board.

AEM engineers came up with 4 more designs and put them through their usual onslaught of tests. In total, 9 designs with 24 variables were run through dozens of flow tests and over 180 dyno pulls on 6 different vehicles! The ultimate reward came when they finally designed a winner with impressive mid-to-high range power. The results for the new AEM 21-8028DC with a gunmetal gray finish and 21-8028PC with a polished finish were what AEM engineers were looking for in a Cold Air Intake Systems for the 2010 V6 Camaro. Testing revealed a maximum power gain of 16.39 HP @ 5350RPM and 17.57 ft-lbs of torque @ 2600RPM at the rear wheels!

AEM’s new 21-8028DC and 21-8028PC Cold Air Intake Systems for the 2010 V6 Camaro use a bolt-on kit, including a large 2-piece, 3.5-inch diameter mandrel-bent intake tube made from high-grade aluminum. The intake tubes include a venturi insert to contour the air flow at the MAF sensor position, maintaining the factory calibration while allowing a greater volume of air into the engine. The new MAF position reduces heat soaking of the integral IAT sensor, a common issue with the stock intake system, allowing it to read true intake air temperatures instead of hotter surface temperatures. An OEM-quality MAF extension harness is included.

The 21-8028DC and 21-8028PC intake tubes position the large, AEM DryFlow performance air filter in the optimal location for cool air. As a result, the V6 Camaro’s windshield washer fluid reservoir had to be replaced with a smaller, lightweight washer bottle mounted in a new location. An OEM-quality washer pump extension harness and a powder coated mounting bracket are also included. Just bolt it on, plug it in, and GO! AEM provides detailed instruction instructions that make installing this power gaining air intake on your Camaro V6 easy.

The AEM DryFlow air filter has a large surface area and a velocity stack inlet design that outflows the V6 engine’s requirements. The oil-free synthetic DryFlow technology is extremely durable and easy to clean. To further enhance the filtration properties of the DryFlow performance filter, AEM also offers DryFlow Pre-Filters. Designed to prevent splashes of water or mud from saturating the DryFlow air filter, AEM’s pre-filters are manufactured from a durable micro-screen material that is pretreated with a proprietary hydrophobic process.

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2010 Acura TSX Cold Air Intake – TSX AEM Cold Air Intake

October 7th, 2010 No comments

The 2010 Acura TSX is an impressive entry-level luxury car built with an abundance of standard features. Many Acura TSX owners boast about its quality interior, sporty handling and attractive vehicle design but also mention the lack of power from the 2.4 liter models. All in all, the 2010 Acura TSX, no matter which model you own, is an enjoyable car to drive.

AEM introduced a cold air intake system designed for the 2010 Acura TSX with the 2.4L engine. Specifically designed to boost power and acceleration, the 21-697C uses a mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube engineered to reduce restriction and intake temperature. The intake tube is routed through the fender placing the filter behind the factory fog light on the driver’s side. This allows for an influx of cooler outside air. More than 100 dyno testing runs were made in perfecting this design.

Attached to the custom intake tube is AEM’s oil-free Dryflow air filter designed to produce high air flow with great filtration and performance. This air filter is also washable and reusable.

Dyno-testing on an Acura TSX model with a 2.4L engine demonstrated an increase of 10.2 horsepower at 6600 rpm with the use of AEM’s 21-697C cold air intake. AEM has a link to the dyno test results on the 21-697C air intake product page.

AEM air intake systems are designed, tuned, and dyno-tested to fit specific cars and trucks. Installation of the 21-697C cold air intake system in the 2010 Acura TSX 2.4L could not be easier with AEM’s detailed installation instructions.

AEM’s Acura TSX air intake system, is protected by the AEM Air Intake System Warranty Policy. AEM warrants that its air intake systems and Dryflow™ air filters will last for the life of your vehicle

21-697C Product Specifications

Product Style: AEM Cold Air Intake System (Installation Instructions)
Estimated Horsepower Gain: 10.2 HP @ 6600 RPM
Color: Gunmetal Gray
Replacement Filter: 21-203DK
Street Legal In All States: No
TUV Approved (Europe): No
Weight: 8.5 lb (3.9 kg)
Product Box Length: 24.38 in (619 mm)
Product Box Width: 12.38 in (314 mm)
Product Box Height: 11.75 in (298 mm)

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AEM Sponsored Gardella Racing and Rockstar Scion Racing Take 2nd and 3rd at Formula Drift

October 7th, 2010 No comments

The wine country of the northern Bay Area was quiet and peaceful until Formula Drift slid through on September 10th and 11th. Fans were treated to some awesome drifting action and a sneak preview of the intense competition to follow at Irwindale, CA October 8th and 9th.

Gardella Racing and their AEM sponsored LS7-powered Pontiac Solstice made their presence known over the weekend with a strong finish in 2nd place. Ryan Tuerck drove phenomenally and took the Retakes Insane Entry Award for his performance. The competition was stiff as Ryan had to face Darren McNamara, Dai Yoshihara, and Tanner Foust on his way to the final race against Vaughn Gittin Jr. “The car felt great and I felt great. The setup was perfect,” said Ryan, and his car and his team have helped to put him just 85 points out of first place.

Rockstar Scion Racing and their AEM sponsored NACSAR V8 powered Scion tC had a great weekend too and kept their team in strong contention for the championship, finishing in 3rd place over the weekend. “It has been an incredibly competitive season,” said team owner Stephan Papadakis,

“To be heading into the final round in third place after four podiums is a testament to how high the level of competition has been this year.” Stephan’s observation couldn’t be any more accurate, as Tanner had to do battle with Patrick Mordaunt, Tyler McQuarrie, Rhys Millen, and Ryan Tuerck on his way to his podium finish.

It all comes down to this – The Title Fight, October 8th and 9th in Irwindale, CA. With only 100 points separating 1st and 4th place, the stakes couldn’t get any higher. Just one 1st place finish can send a team to the top of the podium. AEM sponsored Gardella Racing and Rockstar Scion Racing are poised and ready. Drift fans won’t want to miss the exciting finish to the 2010 Formula Drift season. Every driver is going to be charging hard, leaving everything on the track. This will be a race for the ages.

[Source: AEM]

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