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Cometic Releases Street Pro Gasket Kits

November 12th, 2009 No comments


Cometic Gasket has taken their race proven MLS technology to the street! Street Pro gasket kits offer the same unparalleled Cometic sealing technology in an affordable complete package. If you are looking for a complete engine gasket kit ask for Cometic’s Street Pro gasket line for your next engine build. Street Pro gasket kits are offered as two separate part numbers: top end kits and conversion kits. To purchase a complete gasket kit, please order both the top end gasket kit and conversion gasket kit.

Street Pro Top End kits include:
• MLS head gasket
• Intake gaskets with manifold end seals
• Exhaust manifold gaskets
• EGR gaskets (as needed)
• Valve cover gaskets
• Distributor gaskets
• Carburetor gaskets
• Air cleaner gaskets
• Thermostat housing gasket
• Intake and exhaust valve stem seals
• Throttle body gaskets (as needed)

Street Pro conversion kits include:
• Oil pan set
• Timing cover gasket(s) and seal
• Rear main seal
• Water pump mounting gasket
• Fuel pump mounting gaskets (as needed)

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