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Redline Motive Now Carries DGR High Performance Suspension

January 22nd, 2011 No comments

Redline Motive is proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer of DGR High Performance Suspension Products.

About DGR USA:

We are a new US based company out of Baltimore, MD offering the DGR High Performance Suspension kit. We have put a lot of R&D into the shocks to help them absorb road imperfections and provide superior ride comfort and control. This is acheived by using the best resources available to us, such as spherical bearings from KOYO in Japan, top seals from NOK in Japan and fork oil from IP in Italy.

These ARE NOT re-branded coilovers already on the market.

Our target audience is a buyer looking for the Full body adjustable coilover kit. The DGR High Performance Suspension is a 30 way double adjustable (damper and rebound) mono-tube design.We are competing in the “mid-level” market. Almost every kit comes with a spherical bearing pillowball upper mount.

DGR’s unique feature is customizable kits, but we also offer a kit ready to go. Tell us if you want “soft” DD/ Auto-X – a combo of comfort and weekend warrior capability, or “hard” which is an all out track ready set up. The shocks are valved according to the set up you choose. If neither of those work for you, say you have a Nissan 240sx (S13) with an LSx swap and a stripped car, then obviously rates and dampers will need some adjusting. Tell us the rates you need and in about 14 days, we have the kit that best suits you based on the information you give me, best of all; at no additional cost.

View DGR Coilover Kit Applications (more coming!)

Coilover Specs and Features:
1) 30 way, Double Adjustable (Damper/ Rebound)
2) Mono-Tube Construction
3) Full Height Adjustable
4) Pillowballs with Koyo spherical top bearings
5) Cold Wound, Heat treated Coils
6) Customizable spring rates, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (plan for roughly 14 days for delivery on custom orders)
7) Customized kits are valve matched to the springs
8) DGR Suspension systems are NOT rebadged kits currently on the market.
9) Top spherical bearing is from KOYO in Japan
10) Seals are from NOK in Japan
11) Fork oil is from IP in Italy

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