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TEIN Type Basic Coilover Kit

Today we want to explore the benefits of using a coilover kit over a tradition shock and spring combo, or just springs with stock shocks. We’re going to be reviewing the TEIN Type Basic Coilover Kit, because it is an entry level coilover kit, and made by a company that has been developing coilovers for winning race teams, and applying the technology to the daily driver, weekend warrior, and competition racer. We’ll be discussing why we like the TEIN coilover kit, and why we prefer this one over assembling your own suspension combo. TEIN also makes other suspension products such as their TEIN STech lowering springs, and more high end coilover kits, and specialty items like tie rods. You can see our full TEIN lineup.

The TEIN Type Basic Coilover Kit is a full coilover kit and not a sleeve over coilover kit, meaning this setup comes with all 4 shocks, and all 4 springs, together in a package. Each shock is specially designed for the spring rate, and the amount of lowering possible with the kit. This ensures that the TEIN Basic Coilover Kit will have a long life, and not wear like a stock shock when you use a lowering spring. The TEIN shock has a twin tube internal construction, a steel casing, and a large 22mm piston that stock shocks simply can not touch. TEIN also builds their shocks to be repairable, so you can have it repaired as opposed to having to replace the whole unit.

The TEIN Basic Coilover Kit is called the Basic because it allows for right height adjustability, but not shock adjustment. We recommend this for 95% of our customers, because most of our customers will simply be driving on the street, and possibly track their car once in a while. Since most driving is on the street, we do not recommend to adjust the shocks, as bad adjustments, or “seat of the pants” adjustment can lead to worse handling than leaving the adjustments alone. TEIN has pre-set the shock stiffness on the TEIN Basic Coilover Kit, so it is set to the prefect range for aggressive handling, but extremely comfortable ride quality. This makes the kit even more appealing, because you simply bolt them on and go.

Like with all TEIN Coilover Kits, the TEIN Basic Coilover allows you to set it’s ride height. This allows you to lower the car as much as the coilover allows, and then raise it back up again until you find the perfect ride height. Unlike lowering springs that are a set height, and non adjustable, the TEIN Basic Coilover Kit gives you the freedom to change ride height by simply turning the adjustment wheel using the supplied TEIN adjustment wrench.

Depending on the application, some of the TEIN Basic Coilover Kits come with upper pillowball mounts. When looking at our catalog, you will see if your particular application includes them. The TEIN Upper Pillowball Mounts allow you to adjust camber, so you do not need a seperate camber kit. If your TEIN Basic Coilover Kit does not come with this, you will need to reuse your stock strut mounts.

The reason we recommend for you to get a TEIN Basic Coilover Kit, over buying shocks and springs seperately, or even shocks, and a sleeve type coilover kit such as Ground Control, is because TEIN has carefully calculated the best spring rate, and best shock rate to use together, creating a perfect combo that has been track tested by one of the world’s best suspension manufactures. If you buy shocks that are too much for your springs, or springs that are too much for your shocks, your car will look good by being lowered, but it will not handle well, and will require a lot of adjustment to get it right. Usually, with a seperate shock and spring set, or shock and sleeve coilover kit, you get a very harsh ride, the coilovers making noises and squeeks, and possibly a bouncy ride. The TEIN Basic Coilover Kit is designed with comfort in mind, and is one of the most comfortable, and best riding coilover kits on the market.

We recommend that when installing the TEIN Type Basic Coilover Kit that you get your car professionally aligned. This will ensure you get the most contact patch with the road, and that you can set your car to take full advantage of the suspension while reducing wear on your tires.

If you have any comments or reviews of the TEIN Type Basic Coilovers, we encourage you to submit your review below. Please be constructive, and review the set only if you have experience with it. If you are looking for install tips, DIY, or any tips regarding the TEIN Basics, we encourage you to ask in our automotive forums.

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