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Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake Review

The Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake is a unique short ram intake kit that we want to explore with you today.

The typical Short Ram Intake Kit and Cold Air Intake Kit is designed with a single pipe that attaches to your turbo, or your throttle body, and has an air filter on the end. These intake kits make extra horsepower and torque over a stock intake system by strategically placing the air filter in a location where it can take in the coldest air possible. They also make more power by having an open element air filter, so there is little restriction on the air getting to the air filter.

The Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake Kit takes the short ram intake a step further, and designs it to not only make extra power over the factory intake the standard way, but also through a special design that actually forces air into the engine by the use of different sizes pipes within pipes to increase speed and velocity of the incoming air. By having these two different sizes pipes, you virtually increase the air flow by 3! Due to some designs for various cars or trucks, there might not be enough room or ability in the manufacturing process to add in the second velocity pipe in the Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake Kit. Due to this, some very rare cases are a single pipe.


In the picture above, you can see what makes the Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake so unique, with it’s pipe within a pipe design. This gives the Weapon R Secret Weapon the ability to be a short ram intake, but in many cases out perform a cold air intake!

Weapon R has one of the largest application sets available for cars and trucks, and their Secret Weapon Intake fits on all of these makes:

Acura, BMW , Buick , Cadillac , Chevy , Chrysler , Daewoo , Dodge , Eagle , Ford , Geo , GMC , Honda , Hyundai , Infiniti , Isuzu , Jeep , Kia , Lexus , Lincoln , Lotus , Mazda , Mercedes , Mercury , Mini , Mitsubishi , Nissan , Oldsmobile , Plymouth , Pontiac , Saturn , Scion , Subaru , Toyota , Universal , Volkswagen

You can view all of the applications with prices here: Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake Kit

If you have a dyno chart, dyno video, pictures or a DIY on the Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake, we encourage you to add a comment below, or to email us, so that we can add your information to our site for other customers to be able to gain more knowledge about this fantastic intake system.

Above you can see a sample YouTube video of the Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake on a Nissan 350Z.

  1. David Gil
    April 23rd, 2012 at 09:40 | #1

    i had a question what is better to get in a 1997 acura 3.0cl 1. cold air intake 2. short ram intake or 3. weapon-r intake. i am trying to make it faster witch of this intakes is the best one.

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