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What is the best cold air intake?

“What is the best cold air intake kit?”

We hear this from our customers all of the time. Every one wants to know which cold air intake will make the most horsepower for their car or truck, and rightfully so. Who wants to spend a few hundred bucks on an intake just to find that a different brand made more power? We set out to see if we can answer some of the most common questions regarding cold air intakes.

What is a cold air intake?

A cold air intake is designed to suck in as much cold air into the engine as possible. It does this, by having the air filter as far away from the heat of the engine bay as possible, relocating the air filter usually under one of the fenders, or into the bumper. A typical intake, called a short ram intake usually sits around where the stock air box is located.

AEM Cold Air Intake Kit

The AEM Cold Air Intake kit has been around for a very long time. AEM intakes are available in a few different colors, and feature a special AEM Dry Air Filter that doesn’t need to be re-oiled. One of the problems with re-oiling, and with any filter that requires oil, is that the oil can contaminate sensors along the intake track, such as MAF (Mass air flow sensors), and MAP (manifold absolute pressure sensors). AEM also has a lot of resources that allow them to do heavy R&D on each cold air intake to ensure that each one makes as much power as possible, based on a stock engine. AEM also knows that depending on the car and engine bay, sometimes a cold air intake doesn’t make sense. If you see that there is an AEM Short Ram Intake Kit available for your car, but not a cold air intake, this means that AEM decided that making a cold air intake for your car simply wouldn’t make sense, since it doesn’t make more power over the short ram.

Fujita Cold Air Intake

Fujita has an in house dynojet that they use to test the intake on various applications to ensure that when they release a cold air intake, it is one of the highest performing on the market. The unique feature about the Fujita cold air intake, is that Fujita, on some models, allows it to be a two piece. This means that you can remove the bottom piece that makes the intake a cold air, and keep it a short ram for when its raining outside, and you do not want to worry about your air filter sucking in water. Each Fujita Cold Air intake is made from lightweight aluminum, and has carbon plated t-bolt clamps that are extremely strong, and won’t blow off. Their sensor fittings are CNC machined for a perfect fit, and to ensure the best air/fuel ratios. Similar to the AEM, they offer a Fujita Short Ram Intake as well.

HPS Cold Air Intake Kit

HPS, sometimes known as HiProSpeed, makes some of the best looking cold air intake kits on the market. The HPS Cold Air Intake kit is especially nice, because HPS took the time to do extensive testing with fuel trim correction, and OBDII sensors to make sure that the engine does not go lean in any instance during the RPM band due to the intake, which prevents the car from throwing a check engine light. Similiar to the Fujita, the HPS has some applications which can be converted into a short ram intake, which prevents any worry about hydro-lock. HPS produces race quality intakes, and come with quality t-bolt clamps and HPS silicone coupling to top off the kit. If you wanted just the HPS Short Ram Intake, they offer that as well.

Injen Cold Air Intake Kit

Injen has been creating intakes since 1981 when it’s sister company, RD Metal Works was established. With this kind of history, Injen has been producing some of the best quality, best made intakes we have seen on the market today. Injen is made in house, in their facility in Southern California. Injen uses the highest quality aluminum, and has the pipe thickness to be perfect to produce the best sound, best air flow characteristics, and best performance of any intake available on the market. For those of you with factory turbo applications, they have the Injen Short Ram Intake, which has fit and finish second to none. Injen also has special intakes for the diesel market, and you simply can’t go wrong with one of these intakes.

Takeda Cold Air Intake

Takeda is a new comer to the sport compact industry market, but it’s founding company, aFe, is no newbie. They have been around for years, producing some of the best intakes on the market. The Takeda cold air intake takes on a special design to produce the most power and torque possible, and is made of special material that does not absorb as much engine heat, allowing the air to be cooler, more dense, and produce more power. Many of the Takeda cold air intakes come with a special air box that prevents hot air from reaching the air filter, so your car can make even more horsepower and torque. aFe claims that this intake is the only sealed air intake kit on the market today. On some cars, this intake has produced over 20 horsepower! aFe also produces the Takeda Short Ram Intake for those who want a less expensive, and easier to install intake system.

For those of you who aren’t yet ready to step up to an intake kit, K&N offers an alternative… a K&N Air Filter, which is a drop in air filter, and replaces your factory air filter. Still gives a horsepower and torque gain!

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